Update on Carly's detangling Spray.
Thought I would try to brush her this morning without respraying. (Dont normally brush her coat whilst dry, usually use a spray of sone sort)
Brush sailed through her coat, best drtangler/conditioner I have ever used.

Used the detangler today, when I first sprayed it on it felt strange and didnt know if I was going to like it. Allowed it to dry, was amazed how easily it brushed thro, and the fluffy bits brushed out. Can I order another 2 please for LKA 

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Used the face wash only once so far, but left her whiskers soft and smelling fresh. Still look good this morning

The detangler was sprayed into the coat last night. He has the worst coat I have come across since the very early days inthe 80's - just wooly and mats within an hour if being groomed. Found a huge matt on his hip and back leg yesterday, was on the verge of clipping him off, but sprayed the detangler in and left it till this morning. A huge amount of the matt just brushed through and left the coat feeling lush!

Definitely a BIG 👍👍👍


I used that on my Maltese boy and I was amazed how quick he dried. I dont use the blaster on the maltese
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Halved the drying time- smells lovely

As you all know I'm knew to this grooming dogs with huge coats thing it takes ages so when I was asked to try out this product to help reduce the drying time I grabbed it with both hands so Saturday it was put to the test with the white bear it's like Christmas came early it Works Half The Time To Dry Him smells gorgeous give it a go guys I'm very impressed thank you Carly Mills-Jones

Morning Carly, having amazing results with the Conditioning Grooming Spray. Two of my heavy coated adults had matted legs from constantly getting wet. Taken four goes and many hours but mats removed with minimal coat loss. Haven't tried the Quick Dry Spray yet.

“Morning I tried the tear stain remover as your mum said it was great
I love it makes such a difference and I only used it a day !!
Can I order a couple more bottles and can pick them up at Manchester.”

Just picked up from the sorting office today but used the tear stain tonight lifted a lot of dirt from her eyes!! Bath day tomorrow