Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What does it do?
With Emmi-Pet you can take precautions against periodontitis, inflammation of the guns, formation of tartar, bad breath ( mouth odour/ halitosis) chronic diseases of the oral cavity

How does it work?
Ultrasound from the patented Piezo-chip uniquely located in the head of the brush, creates up to 96 million air oscillations per minute, which, with the help of the paste and water is all you need for effective dental hygiene.
When switched on the wet brush, emitting the ultrasound comes in contact with the specially formulated paste, million of microscopic nano bubbles are continually created and continually improve. This creates a suction effect which removes impurities such as germs, bacteria plaque and tartar.

Advantages of using Emmi-Pet

Vibration free
Completely silent
Non invasive
No pressure needed
Non abrasive
Vets dental under anaesthetic can be avoided

How do you use it?

Fill a jug with water switch in, place head in water, add paste, back In Water place on tooth 30-60 seconds back in water, add paste, back in water place on tooth keep going for a 30 minute session.

Do I need training?
No it’s easy to use, water, paste, water, place on tooth, water, paste, water place on tooth - keep going