How to use

Important – charging

( do not plug into a shaver socket!

Flip open the English 3 pin plug, push the 2 pin German plug into the brass holders firmly so it’s laying flat then close the plug and tighten the screw.

Charge with a brush head on for approx 24 – 48hrs before first use,

Before charging press the button on your Emmipet so the light is on then press again so it goes off.

Then put on charger and blue light will be on when charging.

When it’s fully charged the blue light will go out.

Once charge switch on your Emmipet the green light comes on

****After 6 mins it will switch off!!****

***So remember to switch it back on if you are using it for longer!***

The device cannot be switched on without a brush head attached

If the brush head is removed during operation it will switch off

This ensures the Emmipet cannot be charged in a switched on state without a brush head on.

When you are not using your Emmipet keep it on the charger and only unplug charger when you go away eg on holiday

When you have charged your Emmipet and are ready to use it switch it on and the green light will come on - this is the only way you can tell  it’s on and working as it’s completely silent and doesn’t vibrate or appear to be doing anything!! ( try on your own teeth if your sceptical!) the toothpaste tastes like bubble gum!


It’s a good idea to take photos before you start so you can see progress – feel free to post them on my fb page or/and in my support group


To begin have a jug of water beside you and wet the brush ( don’t tap off the excess water) then apply plenty of toothpaste to the top of the bristles (don’t push it into them!)

I start on the canines and gently hold on the tooth with no pressure for 10 - 30 seconds then after 30 seconds rinse the brush replenish the toothpaste and move around the front and then the back of the mouth

( for back teeth lift the flews then slide brush into the back of the mouth, hold mouth closed so the dog doesn't chew the brush as the bristles won’t conduct the ultrasound waves properly if they go out of shape)

you may  have to hold the mouth closed as some dogs will try and chew lol!

It is ok for dogs to be licking whilst you are using the Emmipet

**After approx 30 seconds there won’t be as many nano bubbles produced so rinse the brush with cold water and replenish with toothpaste.**

If dog has gingivitis don't hold it on for more than approx 30 seconds to start with as it is bringing blood to the surface - the ultrasound waves have a healing effect so don’t worry if the gums bleed a little they will soon get better.

If the gums are really sore you can use the skin brush ( info below)

Once the session is complete hold brush head under cold running tap for 10 seconds whilst still switched on ( this kills most bacteria ) Remember to switch off at the end and put back on charge.

As its non invasive you can use it daily if you like, ( if the gums are sore or bleed a little only every few days to begin with) the back teeth usually take longer to get good results than the front but be patient they will get better!

Once the dog is used to you using it and gums are ok you can clean each tooth for a total of 2 minutes - remember to still rinse and replenish every 30 seconds to make new nano bubbles.

You can do it daily until you are happy with the results

It’s completely safe to use on all dogs - the human one can be used on baby’s first tooth and pregnant women.

Sometimes you see results quickly and sometimes you won’t see anything for 10 days + … so please be patient all dogs are different... then suddenly chunks may come off - if this happens wipe them away with a damp cotton ball so they don’t swallow them ( as full of bacteria!) then use fresh paste and hold the brush on the area for 10 seconds to kill any bacteria and Impurities that have now been exposed.

*Note* Dark staining ( not tartar) is hard to get rid of and doesn’t always go completely but can fade but the thing with staining is it doesn’t look nice but it’s not damaging the teeth like tartar and plaque.



Skin set ( optional extra)

The skin attachment is for making the skin heal itself much quicker than usual by bringing the blood to the surface and is great for skin sores, sore pads, hot spots mastitis joint pain etc.

You wet the brush apply a thin layer of gel on the sore and hold the brush on the skin for a few minutes then wipe gel off with damp cloth. If you use aloe Vera gel you don’t need to rinse. You can do it a few times a day if you want to.

One brilliant use is For really sore gums - use it on the outside of the mouth over the gums to heal them from the outside in. 


Eraser; ( optional extra tool)

After a few sessions the tartar will have softened which you can remove by carefully rubbing with the eraser. Hold it in your hand, don’t attach to device!   so you have control and use it like you are scraping new potatoes. Start at the bottom of the tooth and work up rubbing really slowly. When tartar starts to come off rub away with a damp cotton wall ball. Once you can see white stop and move to another area

I don't use the eraser on the back teeth as it's too awkward!

As the tip is a pumice stone derivative black specks will come off, just wipe them away. When finished clean the eraser with warm water and hibiscrub.

*Once the tartar is removed don't use the eraser more than every 3 months as it could scratch the tooth enamel