Emmi-dent Whitening toothpaste

Emmi-dent Whitening toothpaste

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The innovative formula with the 2-fold effect for radiant teeth every day. emmi
®-dent Whitening ultrasound toothpaste is specially designed for the gentle whitening and cleaning of your teeth.

This product is not suitable for distribution through homeopaths and non-medical practioners.

Note: Please note in case of sensitive gums or previous disease, to be advised in advance by one of our distribution partners.


Whitening substances in whitening toothpastes act on tooth surfaces that have been discoloured by deposits on the tooth surface made while enjoying foods with colour additives, beverages such as coffee, tea and red wine, and tobacco consumption. The natural tooth surface and tooth colour is freed from the organic deposits and thus the whitening effect is created.
The effect of conventional whitening toothpastes is based on the mechanical cleaning by abrasive cleaning particles, whose every day use may result in damage to the enamel. In the selection of appropriate dental care products, despite all the undeniable benefits, care should be taken to ensure that the tooth substance is not damaged due to excessive abrasion (mechanical friction).
The 2-fold effect - gentle cleaning and brightening of the teeth.
Special ingredients and the emmi-dent ultrasound toothbrushes support the gentle highlighting of the natural tooth colour. By the non-abrasive cleaning of the teeth, you can use the toothpaste worry-free every day, and within 14 days enjoy brilliant white results, tooth cleaning and whitening* in one application.
• Whitening effects* can already be seen after 10 days
• Removes visible surface discolouration
• Gentle brightening without abrasion of the enamel
• Auitable for daily use
• Enamel friendly
• Fresh mint flavor for pleasant breath
*by increased removal of the existing surface discolouration
This product is not suitable for distribution through homeopaths and non-medical practioners.