Thornit powder 20g

Thornit powder 20g

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Do the ears have a strong yeasty smell?  

Is there brown wax inside the ears? 

if so, It sounds very likely that your dog may have picked up ear mites 




For use on DOGS, CATS and RABBITS


One of the most common causes of dogs itching and scratching their ears and other parts of their body is MITES.  This original Thornit formula is the answer to your dog's prayers if he has picked up mites on his daily walk.   


I just put a pinch of thornit in my dogs' ears every week or 2 weeks and never worry about mites causing them horrible ear problems.  

THORNIT NEVER goes out of date, so as long as you don't get it wet, it lasts and lasts!

Mites can cause SEVERE ITCHING in the  

EARS, FEET and around your dog's BOTTOM



There are NO ANTIBIOTICS In THORNIT So it can be used perfectly safely.

Save yourself a fortune on Vet Bills 

Tackle mites with this proven formula!!

and prevent mites with a weekly dusting of thornit!

EARS - The more usual forms are brownish waxy scabs inside the ears.  These are caused by mites chewing the ear.  The scabs can be dry or weep, causing a smell.

The other type is much more offensive and smells of gangrene while discharging globs of puss. 

In both cases the SYMPTOMS are scratching, head shaking, rubbing of ears on the floor and general distress.  There can be red sores, inflammation and blood clots caused by constant scratching.  The standard Treatment of DROP AND ANTIBIOTICS provided by VETS GIVES only TEMPORARY relief!!

If you feel your pet has mites, do NOT clean out the ears and do not remove the wax before you dust the ears with Thornit as under normal circumstances Powder would not be put into the ears and the wax acts as a cork.  

TREATMENT  - Just apply a pinch of powder around the ear hole and gently massage in with your fingers from the outside.  Apply twice a day if your pet is infected and continue for 1-5 DAYS.  Immediate relief comes with the first dose.  When the brown wax starts to move, stop the treatment, as this means the mites are dead.  It can take a while for the wax to be naturally pushed out from the ear, this is normal.  As the wax begins to loosen and come out, you can then gently clean out the ear. 


ANUS - If your pet is pulling his bottom on the floor and it's not a gland problem, then mites may be breeding under the tail.  

TREATMENT - Just apply a tiny amount of cream to your finger and dip in the thornit, then apply just below the tail. 

PAWS -Mites can get between the toes causing your pet to lick constantly and nibble into their paws making them extremely sore. 

TREATMENT - Put a little bit of thornit into a clear plastic bag.  Put your dog's paw into the bag and shake and work the thornit between the toes, pads and a little way up the foot. 


An australian vet has isolated a mite that transfers itself into the scurf on the body.  The mite is extremely tiny and vets can find nothing wrong, even with skin scrapings they give the dog a clean bill of health.  Shampooing is useless.    

TREATMENT - Simply dust thornit lightly onto the skin and for dogs with longer coats, just part the hair with a comb and feed a trickle onto the skin.  A little thornit goes a long way!!. 

If your dog has a mite problem then you can rest easy knowing that  THORNIT WILL tackle he mites and cure your dog.   If thornit does not stop your dog from scratching and itching then you will know that MITES ARE NOT THE CAUSE! and you can pursue other avenues, such as food intolerance etc

A must have for ALL pet owners.  An awful lot of people have never even heard of this amazing THORNIT POWDER.  It's the ONLY help with MITES YOU WILL EVER NEED.


If you have a breed that requires you to pluck the ear hair from the inside of the ear, just dust with Thornit and it makes plucking out the hair so much easier.  Kill two birds with one stone, Keep the ear canal free from hair to prevent ear infections and  prevent ear mites too!

The Thornit that Nuts about Mutts supply is the original formula and is made and produced by Thornit Canker Ltd